A Gift of Peace


Climbing to the rank of Fire Chief (retired) in the volunteer fire service of Indiana, Coach Josh spent 26 years serving his local communities as a Firefighter and EMT. Throughout those years of serving the local communities, Coach Josh responded to multiple emergencies and crisis situations that led to trauma & stress for the men and women he served with, and also those who were victims of the emergencies.

With every call responded to, he gained more knowledge about the different ways that trauma and stress can affect people, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Through those experiences, he gained knowledge, understanding, compassion, and empathy for those experiencing a lack of peace in their life. His ability to bring peace, calm and serenity to stressful situations led him to being asked to providing Pastoral Counseling as a Chaplain to local volunteer firefighters and other emergency service personnel. 

Coach Josh spent his early twenties addicted to alcohol. Living life as an alcoholic, he knows and understands the struggles with addictions, not only what addiction can do to you and your body, but also to those around you. Through the struggle of recovery, he was able to find daily reasons to put down the bottle and focus on his life with his wife and children to become a better, stronger father and husband.

While being interviewed for his Senior Pastor position with the United Methodist Church, Coach Josh was asked what he had learned through his recovery process his response was, “This experience taught me that even in the toughest of times if you never give up, you will never fail.” (Watts, 2023) This is his motto still today, and now, he has a new ally in life to walk with, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

After seeking out Christ in 2015, Coach Josh found a new path in life, one of helping those around me live a more meaningful and peaceful life. After being baptized, Coach Josh made the decision to advance and continue his educational journey. In 2018, Coach Josh became a Pastor and Certified Emergency Fire Chaplain and then enrolled at Indiana Wesleyan University, where he graduated in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science focused on Psychology and Life Coaching. Currently, Coach Josh is still enrolled with IWU working towards completing his Master of Arts in Psychology.

With the combination of different experiences throughout my years of service as a Fire Chief and Officer, Emergency Chaplain, and Pastor, Coach Josh has gained the confidence and knowledge needed to engage those wanting to begin the journey of finding peace in their life. Life Coaching is not a quick-fix for your problems however, the starting point for change and peace is here and Coach Josh is ready to help you on that journey to a new, peaceful life.

If you are ready to find peace, let’s talk.

Go With Blessings, 
~Coach Josh Watts